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Our Process

Making a great looking counter top is one thing, but assisting the customer create their vision of an awesome kitchen, rec room, or outdoor cooking area is another! Making the granite tops fits what the customer had in mind is Stone World Designs’ specialty.

We understand that the customer is not a professional at counter tops and we want to not only educate but to aid in every step of the process. That is why we have an easy five step process once the customer has made contact with us.

Our Process includes 5 key steps for you to know:

Step 1

1. Consultation

The overall goal of the consultation is to build an understanding of what the customer wants and provide expert advice about achieving the goals for their project.

The first step of the process begins when you contact with us. A Stone World Designs representatives will guide your through our process, starting with the consultation.

The consultation consists of gathering information about the your project such as:

  • type of project
  • type of stone
  • style of design
  • Size and Scope

The representative will answer any questions you have, and he/she will give suggestions about the project, along with explanations. Part of this step is to make the you aware of the other processes that may be included with the project such as edging treatments, sinks, fixtures, and the backsplash. Any or all of these may be required to meet the design goals.

The entire process will be explained during the initial consultation. Once the customer is ready to move forward with the project, a time will be scheduled where one of our representatives can meet with the customer to take measurements of the project area. At this point it is time to move forward with step number two.


2. Choosing your material

Step TwoThe second step of the process is picking out the stone from our distributors. Every project is unique and requires you to choose the perfect stone for the project. Our showroom has many samples of materials including Quartz, Granite, Marble, Onyx, and Soapstone. Natural stones will have a rather unique finish that is specific to the slab or block from which it is cut. Our distributors have hundreds of slabs available for you to choose from so that you know exactly what your rock surface will look like and the characteristics that are found with your stone. A representative will walk you through the process insuring that you choose the perfect stone for your project.

Once the stone to be used is determined, it is time to move on to step three.


Step Three3. On Location

     Measurements – Templates

The third step of the process involves a Stone World Designs representative meeting with you at the location of the project. The purpose of the visit is to take measurements and make templates for use during the fabrication stage of the process.

Templates insure that all stone materials are cut to an exact fit for your project. Sink and fixture locations will be measured and marked on the template allowing for accurate placement. If there is to be any demolition, or the project is a remodel, then this visit will allow the representative to assess the required work involved to complete the project and calculate the costs involved.

Once the templates have been made, it is time to get started with the fabrication process.


Step Four4. Fabrication

Step four of our process is the fabrication stage. Templates created by our representative, and the stone that you have hand picked will be delivered to the fabrication shop located here at Stone World Designs. Our skilled fabricators will begin the process of cutting the stone to the dimensions of the templates.

Customers are welcome to visit and see this process. The experience gives a better understanding of how the stones are fabricated specifically for their designs.


Step Five5. Installation

The final step is to install your countertops, backsplashes and anything else that may be included with your custom project. Most countertop installations will be completed in one day, but it does depend upon the size of the project. This includes any demolition needed for remodels. The Stone World Designs installation crew understands that this stage is critical to completing the final look. Our experienced installers pay special attention to all the small details ensuring the highest quality installation of your countertops and stone surfaces.

If you are ready  for a free consultation with one of our representatives, then call (501) 762-0254 or fill out the contact form on the contact us page.


Photos by Justin Bunkley and Stone World Designs