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Natural Quartz is usually white or transparent, although it can be found in other colors if it comes into contact with impurities during its formation. It is found either in a pure state or present in other compounds. Its extreme hardness and resistance to acids influence the use of  Quartz to make a large variety of products that require precision and top-quality performance.

Quartz countertop — otherwise known as engineered stone, is composed of 93% quartz and 7% resin, polymers and pigments. This stone is non-porous so there will be no need to reseal you counter tops us you would with granite. Quartz surfaces are the perfect combination of nature and technology. Because it is non-porous, it is scratch resistant, and highly resistant to stains. The disadvantage to quartz is that the resin in the quartz countertop is not resistant to heat.  It would be best to use a trivet for hot pots and pans coming off the stove.

Quartz countertops are ideal for any interior space looking for characteristics that are four times the flexural strength, and double the impact resistance of granite, while outperforming marble. These countertops are provided in many colors and patterns. They are easy to maintain with very minimal maintenance.

Only the best quartz products are used here at Stone World Designs of Hot Springs/Central Arkansas. We have access to many varieties of quartz distributors:  Sile Stone, Caesar Stone, Han Stone, Vico Stone and Viatera.  With hundreds of stone colors to choose from, we are confident that we can find a color that is right for your kitchen.

Need help determining if Quartz is the best stone solution for your project? Give us a call at (501) 762-0254 to receive a free consultation or fill out the contact form on the contact us page.

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