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Edge Treatments

Bevel, Bullnose, Eased, Ogee, and Round are popular edge profiles that Stone World Designs utilizes in creating elegant edge treatments. There are many variations in the edge treatments available including options to use more than one profile to create complex edge treatments.

The following shows the profiles of the popular edge treatments.

Quarter Bevel     1/4 Bevel                             Half Bevel     1/2 Bevel

Demi Bullnose     Demi Bullnose                    Full Bullnose     Full Bullnose

Eased     Eased                                     Ogee     Ogee

Quarter Round     1/4 Round


A Stone World Designs representative is always available during the process to help you choose the right edge treatment that compliments the design. For assistance, fill out the contact form with your questions or contact us at (501) 762-0254 Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (CST).

Photos by Justin Bunkley and Stone World Designs